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The Process

Making a Stained Glass Window

Stained glass is a unique art form that is illuminated by transmitted light and the methods used to create a window have changed very little over the centuries .

First a design is drawn to scale and from this a full scale drawing, known as a cartoon, is made. This is used to create a template so that pieces of coloured sheet glass can be cut to size. Details such as facial features, shading or decorative patterns can be painted onto the glass using a glass paint that contains ground glass. This is fired in a kiln to 650 degrees centigrade, with some pieces requiring multiple firings. The pieces of glass are then assembled with pieces of lead came that are soldered together before being cemented with a linseed oil cement and then polished. 

Hall Grove School

Hall grove school design
Scale Design
Partly painted pieces of cut glass
Hall grove school
Full size drawing (cartoon)
Leading the window
Hall Grove School
Finished Window

Commissioning a Window

A stained glass window will transform a space, altering and changing the light throughout the day. 
All my designs are original and I work closely with the client to  create a window that will enhance the space.
The procedure of commissioning a window is usually as follows:

If possible I will start with a site visit to discuss your requirements. This will enable me to take measurements and get a sense of the space and ambient light, which helps in choosing glass and colours. It is also an opportunity for you to see my portfolio, discuss ideas as well as installation and delivery options. For commissions further afield this process can be started by phone and email. This initial consultation is free of charge.
Once we have discussed ideas I will provide an estimated cost with some initial design sketches. If you are happy to proceed, I will work on the final scale design and give you a formal quote. At this stage a deposit is required, usually around a third of the overall cost, although this can vary. Larger projects can involve several stage payments. The balance and final payment will be due on completion of the window.
The cost of a stained glass window can vary enormously, depending on the types of glass used, complexity of design and the processes involved. Client needs will vary, so budget guidelines can help to determine potential designs.

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